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"This is my work. It is about a moment in time, a visual record of places I have visited. When the light is right, when the colour of the water is sparkling with unimaginable blues, when the local street has been drenched with rain, or the sun is casting its long shadows across a path - these are all moments that make me grateful that I am a painter. I feel driven to record them as if to remind myself why I live here."

Michael McCormack is an Irish Artist. He has a degree in Fine Art from Crawford College of Art in Cork City. In his early twenties he backpacked, painted and exhibited in places as varied as New York, Hawaii, Cornwall and Edinburgh before settling in New Zealand in 2000.

He works from his studio and gallery in Island Bay, Wellington. 

McCormack Studio Gallery, proudly operating as an artist studio and gallery, since 2003.


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